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Pivot Irrigation Conversions in Eastern Nebraska

Vavrina can improve your older center pivot irrigation system with irrigation sprinkler conversions. Save money and water with a new irrigation sprinkler package. New irrigation sprinkler technology will provide efficiency and watering uniformity. Vavrina will take care of everything with the exclusive Valley V-Chart design program - your dealer will customize your sprinkler package specifically for your field as well as your center pivots and linear systems.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Low pressure sprinklers
  • Cost-sharing program eligibility
  • Droplet sizes minimizing drifting
  • Proper water distribution
  • Water savings

Valley Point Irrigation - Wisner, Nebraska

Customize Your Pivot Irrigation System

Pivot irrigation corner machines added to a center pivot irrigation system will extend your irrigated acres. Vavrina offers many choices in tire sizes for better traction and flotation. Our knowledgeable staff is equipped with years of experience in designing center pivots to economically apply lagoon water off large feedlots or dairy operations. Vavrina knows just what to consider when using your center pivot irrigation for lagoon water application including proper sprinkler options, pipeline protection, and flotation.

Valley Center Pivot Drivetrain Conversion

Tired of changing center pivot irrigation gearboxes and pivot irrigation center drives in 100 degree heat in the middle of the summer? Convert your pivot irrigation machine to reliable and durable Valley Irrigation parts and you will save time, decrease labor, reduce downtime, and prevent the hassles of digging out a stuck drive on your center pivot during the irrigation season.

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