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Grain Bin Parts & Grain Bin Services in Eastern Nebraska

Vavrina is your trusted source for grain bin parts, grain bin accessories, grain storage repairs, and grain bin installation. We partner only with industry leaders in grain storage, grain drying, and grain handling equipment while offering repairs and servicing of other grain storage equipment manufacturers.

Vavrina is Dedicated to Providing the Following:

  • Fully-staffed Parts Department
  • Special tools to guarantee jobs are done in a productive matter
  • Proper installation of grain bin parts
  • Available to deliver parts and services at your convenience
  • Quick, accurate, and itemized billing of all repairs and services
  • Customer Support Representative to assist you with any obstacle


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Grain Storage System Repairs, Grain Bin Services, & Grain Bin Parts

Vavrina sells replacement parts for most brands of grain storage bin fans, unload augers, grain dryers, grain bin heaters, and grain conveyor systems. Contact them with your make and model and they will do their best to find replacement parts. Vavrina is an authorized dealer for Brock grain dryers and Shivvers in-bin drying systems. They have factory-trained service technicians to install, start-up, troubleshoot and service your grain dryers.

Vavrina will sell and install grain bin aeration floors, grain conditioning fans, grain heaters, and grain bin stirring machines to meet all of your grain conditioning needs.

Call Vavrina @ (402) 892-9899 for the best options in grain bin storage, grain drying equipment, grain augers, grain conveyor parts, and grain bin repairs!